The NorDan Brand

Main Principles

A Top Down Approach 

NorDan is an international company, but all marketing and branding needs to be adapted to each country and market. With this in mind, the NorDan Brand Guidelines are based on the lowest common denominator approach. This approach means that some parts of how the NorDan brand is communicated is set in stone, and not subject to change. In a few situations, some things can be adapted within these guidelines. 

Waterproof in Principle 

A brand cannot be global if its visual appearance needs to vary greatly from country to country. The NorDan brand is waterproof by principle, which means that the main logo is useable in all relevant countries. Some cultures might have different interpretations of what the colors and symbol means, but the logo is never offensive or subject to copyright issues.

Spelling and Brand Names

There’s Only One Way to Spell «NorDan»

No Exceptions 

The correct spelling and capitalization of the company’s name is «NorDan». This should always be used, without exceptions. However, in some languages with non-alphabetic characters one needs to consider legibility before forcing in latin letters. 

Ask Kindly

Capitalizing a letter in the middle of a word is not considered correct spelling in most European languages. Be aware that we can’t force especially the media to use our way of spelling our name, but we should always ask them to comply with our spelling.

The Emotional Connection

NorDan Is Security


NorDan designs and manufactures high quality windows and external doorsets, but this is seldom why customers choose to place their order with us. The promise NorDan delivers on, and the concept that should be the foundation for all external and internal communications is that NorDan is Security.

The Brand Promise 

NorDan is security in knowing the products are safe to use, and keeps you secure when inside. NorDan is security in knowing the products are always manufactured to the highest environmental and quality standards, and that they are a result thourough research and development. NorDan is made for you by people who care. NorDan is security.